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Save Your Time and Money With Absolute


Payroll Services

With over a generation of experience in payroll processing, Absolute knows that small businesses can save time and money by outsourcing payroll. Businesses need a personalized payroll service that will be convenient, compliant and cost effective. Absolute provides clients dependable payroll service for a flat monthly fee.


When you partner with Absolute for your payroll processing, we provide a secure email link to our file explorer to upload all payroll documents. This allows for direct access to submit employee time and hour information, make changes to employee records and review payroll reports. Best of all, you can contact a personal payroll representative directly via phone or email.


Absolute payroll processing documents are easy to read summary reports along with detailed registers. We also provide:

  • Paper checks or direct deposit

  • Paperless payroll options

  • New Hire Reports

  • Time and Attendance Solutions


Beyond our payroll email link and reports, we also provide:

  • Electronically filed federal, state, and local reports as required

  • Garnishment payments

  • Retirement plan reports

  • Workers Comp insurance reports

  • W-2 and 1099 forms

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